One Stop for a Healthier You

“Newtritional You” is a one stop shop located in Metro Atlanta that customizes diet and exercise practices by helping each individual achieve their health/nutritional goals. Hi, I’m Sara. By utilizing my educational background in Sports Psychology, Exercise Science, and Nutrition, we can work together to help  you set achievable goals, establish a positive mindset to assure you that change is attainable, and work with you to undertake these gradual changes that will help you transform your life.

My areas of expertise are in sport/athletics, weight loss, and weight gain, and I am also well versed in various other areas.  These areas include: diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, metabolic disease, gastrointestinal disease, allergies, cancer, pregnancy/lactation, vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, eating disorders, and infant and child nutrition.

Whether it is concerns with motivation, exercise, diet, or some combination of the three, we can come up with a personalized plan to help you achieve your overarching goals. I hope to work with you soon in your journey towards creating a “Newtritional You.”